Goblin hooked me up!

When you hear the word “Goblin”, what comes to your mind first?

“It’s that little green scary ugly monster with sharp teeth and pointed ears!”

Same with me!

But that was before! Now, I have a new perspective on how a goblin looks. It started when our local channel started showing a Korean Drama titled “GOBLIN (The Lonely and Great God)”. And people are talking about it.

It is a fantasy tale between a goblin who needs a mortal bride to end his immortal life, a grim reaper who has an amnesia and stays together with the goblin to oversee the passing souls, and a human woman who claims to be the goblin’s bride but is destined to be killed.

At first I was not interested in this show but when I started watching it, it hooked me up as well.

The story is interesting. You might want to take a look.