The Devil called “Credit Card”

Credit Card.

Money in the form of a plastic card. The devil that can make us slaves for a very long time.

credit-cardsWhy do people love a having a credit card? Or sometimes, credit cards. Is it the prestige? Or people just love to have a “lot of money” at their disposal anytime.

Some people say it is for emergency purposes. I agree. What about the others? What reason do they have?

Having a credit card is exciting at first. Imagine how people eagerly wait while their credit card application is being processed. They plan on what to buy first when their card gets approved.

Then, credit card gets delivered to the cardholders. They sign the card. Have it activated. Then, to the mall. Swipe it. Swipe it. Swipe it.

Come the billing statement. Wham! Credit limit is maxed out. Full payment cannot be made. The start of the struggles of paying the debt off. For a long time.

The Devil wins.