Last Letter to My Mother

Dear Mom,

Let me start this letter by saying that I am sorry.

I am sorry that I got sick and I needed you to take care of me. Having a kidney dmotherisease is not easy. Not to mention that I have to go through peritoneal dialysis. I know I have a wife who should be doing this but it seems that she did not care about me anymore since I got sick. I know it is difficult for you to do the things you are doing now. But you are willing to do all of them because you love me.

I am sorry that sometimes I have to shout at you. It is not because I am angry at you but more on I am angry at myself that I could not do the normal things that I used to do.

I have been sick for 5 years now and you still haven’t quit yet. I know sometimes you are crying. I can feel your pain. For that I am very thankful.

I know you are of old age. But please stay strong. Stronger than me. Please stay by my side. It must be a difficult request but I know my time is running out. If you will, please take care of me until my last breath leaves me. And please let me lay by my father’s grave.

I might not be able to say this in person. So in this letter, I am saying this.

“I love you so much, Mom. And I am very much thankful for the love you’ve been giving me.”


Your Son.